With a brand heritage dating back to a small independent print shop in Lancashire in 1777, Crown Paints has over 200 years of experience and is one of the oldest paint retailers in Britain. The brand is marked by its Royal Warrant, issued in 1949, and its well-documented history of product innovation sets it apart as a true market leader. Despite its brand provenance, the UK paint industry is abundant so it’s difficult to stand out. Hillgate manages all UK consumer PR, so the day-to-day job requires us to maintain a communication strategy that is constantly moving with the market, ranging from brand news to specific product launches and everything in between. Since we started working with Crown in 2014, our mission was, quite simply, to lead this very busy market. In order to do this, we prioritised larger brand campaigns, such as Colour Influences, an annual trend forecasting campaign that has positioned Crown as a respected cultural barometer. Over the past five years, we have become a valued part of the internal team and our remit has expanded to include: all UK press communications, events, influencers, brand photography, social media management and international PR.

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