Case Study

C.P. Hart Kaleid-Escape Launch

We manage and develop annual event strategies for C.P. Hart, focusing on new showroom and product launches, as well as trend briefings. The largest to date have taken place in their flagship Waterloo showroom, redeveloped in 2015 with innovative displays and setting a new benchmark for showroom design in the sector. We always take a holistic view when it comes to events – ensuring that the key messages are woven throughout the fabric of the evening and that we’re reaching our key audiences, both in terms of media as well as prospective clients.

Looking at trends within the sector and links between products being launched, we establish a cohesive theme and aesthetic, producing collaterals that feed into this. We liaise with C.P. Hart to ensure relevant guests are invited and available for interview – providing the media with relevant content – in addition to sourcing entertainment and catering.

The holistic approach includes coordinating a coherent plan for the brand’s social media platforms – scheduling in content throughout the day and interviewing important figures from the brand and distributing this across platforms at targeted times.

Year after year, we can guarantee press attendance at every event, which has become a key date in the bathroom industry calendar – the place to view innovations in design and network with key individuals in the sector. Following the event, we generated over £200,000 worth of associated coverage and reached over 16 million potential consumers – increasing our targets set from the previous year.