Case Study

Harvey Jones Social Media Management

Following a long-term partnership with Kitchen designer Harvey Jones, in March 2019 we were appointed to manage the brand’s social media accounts Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Applying both organic and paid content to these platforms, we operate with the directive to build brand awareness and recognition, as well as develop an online community of dedicated audiences formed from a strong social presence. As Harvey Jones Kitchens are crafted of a bespoke service unique to each client, we publish imagery online from a vast library of authentic project photography from customer homes around the country. Showcasing the exceptional results of the brand with detailed information on each project, follower count is increased. Our social media incentive is to position Harvey Jones as a source of trend inspiration and provide users with a forum to engage in conversations surrounding all aspects of kitchen design. We utilise our in-house graphic design expertise to design promotional material which supports social media and other marketing channels during sales and events for the brand. Every step we take is arranged from a frequent communication process with the team at Harvey Jones, through reporting our collated data on social media performance to inform and direct future decisions and strategies.