LDF19: Bao Bao Voice by Issey Miyake

This year’s London Design Festival saw the world-renowned Japanese fashion designer, Issey Miyake create a multi-sensory journey with the Bao Bao Voice installation. The iconic Bao Bao bags launched in 2010 and feature a distinctive design that sets Miyake apart from the rest. Created with a unique engineering-based approach, the innovative geometric structure makes it a cutting-edge fashion accessory. Made up of versatile triangular pieces, the bags can be manipulated to create a number of shapes.

Playing with colour, over a hundred Lucent bags were displayed on a large wall in a kaleidoscopic rainbow. Captivating and engaging, those visiting were left staring at the display choosing the colour that they preferred (which was everchanging). Taking advantage of the luxury of sight, it was curated in a way that brought joy to those visiting.

“Bao Bao Issey Miyake bags go beyond individual elements. Centred on an ethos to stimulate new ideas and make things that have never existed before.”

Issey Miyake, Creator of Bao Bao Voice

Impacting sight, touch and hearing, the natural flow of the exhibition brings you to the Voice Room that echoes magical jingles that are caused by interacting with three bags that have been displayed. Issey Miyake encourages you to tilt, shake, twist and bend the bags. Tilt allows you to control the music projected in the surround sound, shake alters the sounds to echo, stutter or change pitch, twist gives you the opportunity to play a continuous sound, and bend plays a series of sounds at different volumes depending on how you bend the bag. The act of moving the bags to make sounds instantly turns a fashion item into a musical instrument. Corresponding to the sounds you make, the large screen projects geometric shapes that move according to the pitch.

“The colours of Lucent series change every season, inspired by nature, urban life and daily surroundings. With the design and shape of the bags always staying the same, colour plays a pivotal role for the brand.”

Issey Miyake, Creator of Bao Bao Voice

A simplistic yet captivating installation, the experience left a mark on those who visited. The installation shows that an effective display does not have to be complicated, the simple playfulness sparked creativity and a child-like feeling that is not often experienced in the bustle of everyday life.