Do we like not being ‘Liked’?

Likes, and their public tallying, have become the heart of Instagram and many other social media platforms. According to Instagram, the decision to trial the removal of a visible “Likes” counter from its platform is designed to shift the focus away from making Instagram feel ‘like a competition’ where users compete to see how many likes they can rack up.

We want to be part of the change that offers genuine connections between a brand and their consumer via their content, hoping that this will be a step in a more authentic direction.

How does this change the user experience on a platform where the number of likes a post gets is considered a measurement of success?

For businesses and content creators, their accounts still give them detailed metrics showing the total likes per post. The followers and general consumers will no longer be able to judge the success of a social post simply by looking at its existing popularity. This could mean brands and influencers will need to work harder at creating content that the community is going to engage with.